Friday, March 27, 2009

Malaya Kylie Barendregt

6 weeks old already. I have few pictures of her thanks to camera battery issues. I did buy new batteries now but I am not sure if they made it into the camera. Here are some early pictures:
OK I really need to get an updated picture, she looks very different now.
Malaya is seriously the easiest baby in the whole world. We love her so hard!!!! She has had a stupid cold since she was 1 week old and just when I thought the cold was gone, it seems to have flared up again. She was choking and gagging on crap thats coming out of her lungs. This sucks for her. I am going to try to get her in to see the doctor today.

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Lorraine said...

She is soooo adorable! I want one! Congratulations on your little blessing!