Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Fun

Well so much for continuing Charissas school work over the summer. We did an hour last night and I forgot how much she really loves to do it. Damon wanted to do it too so next time I will have to photocopy the sheets so that he can do his own.

The family is gone now and as usual I feel like a failure. Charissa as usual pushed all the buttons that made me have to react and make me look like an ogre. She knows full well that if she does something that makes me unhappy then I will either give her yet another consequence and she will look like poor little Charissa or I will do nothing in front of the company and she will get away with what she knows is pushing my buttons. It is a lose/lose situation for me. I wish I could find a way to deal with her as secretly as she dishes out the behaviours. Oh well. And such is the life with RAD.

Otherwise it has been a great summer. We are making the most of the few nice days. Camping and boating mostly. We are supposed to go camping again on Friday but to be honest I have not seen a sign of the rain clouds dissapearing.

We need to start vacationing to sunnier destinations more often. I wish!

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