Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Poor Girl

One thing that I am learning is the extent of Charissas weaknesses. WOW there are things that I thought would be easy for her but she has such a difficult time wrapping her head around. I have heard her talking in the past about the english language rules but yesterday she was trying to apply them in words that dont even contain the letters or sounds. eg she was trying to figure out how to spell Barbies. She got Barb then she was rattling on about the C making the I say its name. First of all it takes an E to make a vowel say its name and second of all the I does not say its name in this word. I have heard her before using this rule and it sounded like she understood it but it is clear to me that it is just one that she has memorized but does not understand so she throws it out there to sound smart and hope that it works.
She does seem to enjoy doing the work. We will have to see how she does as it gets harder. She loves having her little setup in her school space. It works well.

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