Wednesday, April 16, 2008

going slow

Our lesson started with trying to think up an object that symbolizes the season. Then we were supossed to move on with the school work. Instead we ended up outside for an hour trying to learn what the seasons are and in what order they go in. Charissa was positive that the order was fall, winter, fall, summer, fall. There is no use in just telling her because she does not learn that way. We went outside to look at the leaves that fell and were under the snow. Although she knew that they had fallen before the snow she was convinced that fall came back again because the leaves had reappeared. Also in her mind fall is the coldest season. And even though we cannot snowmobile or go boating right now then it has to be still either summer or winter. No in between season. And then spring comes after summer. Soooo hard for her.

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