Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Damons Cartoons are so Awesome

I just love these pictures drawn by damon! Too bad they were on the white erase board though.

Yeppers! Routine is great! Things are going well. School is quite good. We are ripping along. What a difference. Charissa is settling down. Behaviours are much better. We have had some rather emotional discussions over the last week. Emotion is GOOD! I am trying to show her how it takes so long for us to be able to trust her after she has stolen and lied to us. It is difficult to teach that to her especially when there is no cause and effect thinking. We will keep trying!

MCFD STILL has not sent in the information needed to continue with the home study. It has now been 3 months. It is not right that they just ignore the request. I was so hoping to have moved on a little bit before now. It is making me feel quite disheartend.

Pete is hunting this week end. It is his last week for limited entry. I hope he finds his moose. Although I will really need to find room in the freezer. Damon is not going to be able to go with him. There will be too much hiking and sitting quietly for him. Clayton is going to go though.

The second shed has finally been taken down. Maybe we will burn it on Saturday night after Pete gets home.

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